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best aquarium wave maker reviews

Eight Perfectly Quiet Wave Makers for Great Water Flow

If you have a fish tank, a wave maker is mandatory.

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Aquarium Sump & Refugiums: Five Higly Recommended Low-Noise Brands

Some tips and recommendations that can help in your choice.

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co2 regulator reviews

Aquarium CO2 Regulator: Complete Buying Guide

Including a selection of CO2 regulators for your next planted tank. Well worth a look.

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Aquarium & Pond UV Sterilizer: Six Reliable Solutions to Improve Your Water Quality

If you’re an optimist, you’d think that regular filtration methods should suffice.

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Briareum sp. under moonlight LED

Four High-Rated Phosphate Media Reactor Compared

Wouldn’t it be nice if aquarium water doesn’t get dirty at all?

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tropical fish in a reef tank

5 Top Rated Reef Tanks for your next Tropical Enviroment

Reef tanks can be fascinating to watch. Limiting yourself to just a single glance at a proper reef tank setup is like eating just a single piece of potato chip—it’s impossible.

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Best aqauarium salt mix shortlisted

Aquarium Salt Mix: 2017’s Best Reef & Marine Brands

There’s an argument among some enthusiasts who claim that reef salt is just like soda, potato chips, French fries, and Japanese subcompacts—they’re basically all the same beyond the small surface differences.

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