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Let’s talk about equipment. It's an ongoing conversation in the hobby. What equipment is worth the money? What are the best products on the market? What brands should I trust in my aquarium? And the list goes on.


Undergravel Filters – Safe Setup, Updated Guide & Reviews
The undergravel filter is one of the oldest forms of aquarium filtration. They’ve been used in freshwater and marine aquariums[...]
Canister Filters Maintenance: How to Clean & How Often?
Canister filters are one of the most advanced types of aquarium filtration. They hold a lot of filter media and[...]
7 Top HOB Filters (Hang-on-Back): In Depth Reviews of Best Filters
Aquarium filtration is one of the key components required to keep an aquarium healthy and the water clear. The most[...]
Sponge Filters: When Should You Prefer Them?
One of the earliest, commercially available aquarium filters was the “sponge filter.” In today’s high-tech world of wireless aquarium lighting,[...]


Best Rated T-5 Lighting for Saltwater & Reef Tanks
Many reef aquarists looking to upgrade or modify their lighting system ask about T-5 fluorescent bulbs. If all you’ve heard[...]
Best Rated LED Lights for Saltwater & Reef Tanks
Corals and other photosynthetic marine life require proper light intensity and quality to thrive in the home aquarium. No matter[...]
Top Aquarium Battery Backups & Power Outages Prep Guide
Power outages are always an inconvenience, especially if you’ve got an aquarium. While an aquarium can look quite natural, your[...]
Planted Aquarium Lighting; The Best LED Lights for Planted Tanks (2023 Guide)
When it comes to a lush, underwater, planted aquariums, the proper lighting is essential. Unfortunately, many basic aquarium lights are[...]
Best Rated Refugium Lighting for Saltwater & Reef Tank
For many reef-keepers, a refugium is an essential part of the tank’s filtration system. What’s a refugium? In scientific terms,[...]
5 Aquarium Light Timers Reviewed
Aquarium automation uses high-tech electronics, Wi-Fi, and computer technology to handle many of the everyday tasks we used to perform[...]

Heaters & Chillers

Best Rated Small Aquarium Heaters for Nano Tanks
One of the key components of a successful aquarium is a stable water temperature. When the water temperature is below[...]
4 Top Rated Aquarium Temperature Controllers
In an aquarium, a stable water temperature is an important factor in maintaining fish and invertebrate health. While small temperature[...]
Best Chiller for Your Aquarium Reviews (2023)
When it comes to creating a thriving environment for your aquatic companions, maintaining the ideal water temperature is a critical[...]


Best Aquarium CO2 Systems & Kits for Planted Tanks
One of the secrets to having success with live aquarium plants is giving the plants enough carbon. It’s an essential[...]
Aquarium CO2 Regulators: Complete Buying Guide
Freshwater aquatic plants require the same essential nutrients as land plants. This includes nitrogen, phosphorous, iron, and other elements. Land[...]