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best aquarium heater reviews

7 Reliable Heaters Fully Submersible with Thermostat

Try to live in Minnesota or anywhere in Canada without a heating system, and see how that goes.

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best rated aquarium filters reviews

Aquarium Filters: 6 Types Explained & Reviewed

To understand why a filter is necessary, try to imagine your fish as a dog.

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A crab needs an air pump, be prepared!

Finding 2018’s Quietest Aquarium Air Pump

Usually, a pump works with a rubber diaphragm, which vibrates because of an electromagnet. This vibration is so rapid that it can get noisy.

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Best 55 gallon fish tank stands

Complete Comparison of Five Top Rated 55 Gallon Stands

For many people, a 55-gallon fish tank is an ideal size.

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water changes

Best Aquarium Gravel Syphon: 5 Unbiased Reviews

Many years back, my thought process concerning aquarium gravel was simple…

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best fish food reviews betta

Ten of the Highest Rated Fish Food Reviewed & Compared

With so many different types of fish, it’s not a surprise that there are many types of fish food.

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Automatic Fish Feeder Reviews

In-Depth Look: 5 of the Best Auto Fish Feeders

An automatic fish feeder helps aquarium owners to care for their fish more effectively.

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top 3 best water clarifier

Top 3 Most Effective Fish Water Clarifier Reviewed

A fish tank it’s like a moving painting, and it’s no wonder that in the old days the aquarium screensaver was so popular.

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Five Reliable Aquarium Water Conditioner to Choose in 2018

So you can’t just add the tap water to your tank…

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