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A selection of reliable pond light kits.

Lighting your Pond: Crucial Mistakes to Avoid & 4 Top Rated Outdoor Lights

Ponds are beautiful during the day, but once the sun sets?

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roundup of high rated pond de-icers

Pond De-icers and Heaters: survive tough winters keeping healthy fish

If you can see through the ice, koi and goldfish either swim very slowly or don’t move at all in cold water.

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a roundup of the best pond skimmer available today

Pond Surface Skimmers: Reduce Debris with our 4 Top Picks

Our ponds collect floating leaves, natural oils from algae and surface foam.

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Reviews of the most successful pond aerators

Pond Aeration System: 6 Amazing & Energy Efficient Pumps

Did you know that our water gardens and koi ponds run on oxygen?

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high rated pond cleaners roundup

Pond Vacuum: 5 Top Rated Vacs for Cleaning Small and Large Water Features

Are pond vacuums a helpful tool for keeping our ponds and fountains clean?

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Auto Pond Food Dispenser: 5 Reliable Feeders Compared

Because neighbors and friends often feed too much or forget to feed altogether.

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Finding the right pond liner for your backyard pond setup

Choosing the Perfect Liner for your Pond & Water Garden

The fact is if you want that koi pond or water garden you’ll have to build it yourself.

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5 Ideal Filter Systems for Koi and Small Garden Ponds

Natural ponds don’t have a filter, so why does a water garden need one?

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Controlling Algae in Ponds and Water Gardens

The number-one concern with pond-keepers and water gardeners is excess algae growth.

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A tutorial to help you choose a good pump for your backyard pond

Pond Water Pumps: 5 Reliable & Energy Efficient Units

No matter what kind of pond you have you’ll need a water pump.

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