6 Stunning Rimless Fish Tanks: What to Buy and What to Avoid

For many aquarists, the decorative aspect of an aquarium is one of the main reasons why they buy one in the first place.

If you truly value aesthetics, then you need to make sure you have the best-looking home for your great-looking fish such as a rimless aquarium.

My pick is the Landen, continue reading for more choiches.

Best Rimless Aquarium Reviews

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Rimless Tanks Reviews

So if you’re getting a rimless fish tank, your best option is to first read a lot of reviews. Then you should go for the top rated ones and hope for the best. To help you out, you can start your search with the following models:


Deep Blue Professional ADB11443 Rimless Cube Aquarium Glass Tank

This is a simple glass cube container with the top side open. It comes with black silicone support along the bottom and along the side edges of the tank. It measures 12 inches on all sides (it really is a cube), and it has a 7.5-gallon capacity.

There’s a bit of foam along the bottom of the tank, and that serves as a sort of cushion for the base so that the weight is evenly distributed along the bottom pane.

It’s a straightforward tank with no other accessories, and that’s standard for this type of aquarium.


  • It’s very well made, and you won’t have to worry about leaks. It’s made in the USA.
  • ​It looks great, as the glass is extremely clear.
  • ​It’s very easy to set up.
  • ​The price is also very reasonable.
  • ​You can see inside from all sides.


  • The size may be a concern for some, as you’re limited to a small number of small fish.

JBJ Lighting JB7319 Rimless Nano Aquarium, 8-Gallon

JBL seems to think that offering a simple tank without accoutrements just won’t do. So aside from the 11.8" x 13.77" x 13.77" tank with the 6mm-thick bent glass, you also get a filtration system. You even get a tempered glass lid with clips.

The filtration system offers a mechanical sponge, an activated carbon sponge, and biological ceramic rings for 3-stage filtration.

You have dual return pumps and nozzles. There’s even a designated heater column for when you buy a heater for the tank.

All these combine to occupy just 3.5 x 4.76 x 13.77 inches of space, so you can’t see though just one side. That’s the side you put along your wall. The overflow dimensions are 3.5 x 3.5 x 13.77 inches.


  • If you get your unit undamaged, then it really looks great.
  • ​The price is nice.
  • It saves you the trouble of outfitting it with your own filtration system.


  • There’s a very good chance you’ll notice some quality issues when the package arrives. Maybe you’ll find scratches on the glass, or perhaps the back filter isn’t attached properly.

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Deep Blue Professional ADB11443, 10 gallon

 This is just a slightly larger version of the other DBP model we mentioned at the top of this list.

It also has that piece of foam at the bottom.


  • You’ve got more options because of its bigger size.
  • It still looks great at this size.


  • It’s just a bit more expensive. That’s if you can find a seller. I’ve checked the DBP site and the 10-gallon tank is not available there as well. Maybe it’s just a myth, or perhaps I was just myth-taken.

Landen 60P 17.1-Gallon Rimless Low Iron

This Landen is also made from 6 mm glass. More specifically, it’s low iron glass, so the clarity and transparency is more than 91%.

It doesn’t come with any silicone that you’ll have to trim.

It measures 23.6" L × 11.8" W × 14.2" H.


  • It looks absolutely stunning. The crystal-clear quality of the glass is amazing. You won’t find any green tint at all due to the low iron content of the glass.
  • The build is also great, as the corners of the tank are all perfectly aligned. While you can see the logo in the corner, it’s really unobtrusive.
  • You’ve got lots of space for your reef and fish options.


  • Not the right choice for beginners, as it’s a bare-bones setup.

JBJ Lighting JB7338 Rimless Cube, 30-Gallon

It has the same exact filtration system as the 8-gallon version.

That’s why you get the same 3-stage filtration and the same 3.5 x 4.76 x 13.77 inches of space for the filtration and for the space for the heater you buy.

But this time it uses glass that’s 8mm thick. As it’s bigger, its dimensions are 23.6 x 19.7 x 16.5 inches.


  • It still looks classy, especially now with its larger panoramic view.
  • You’ve got more space to play with, so that means more fish and décor options.


  • JBJ does receive a regular barrage of complaints regarding its quality. Some people receive defective parts when the package arrives, and others warn that their tanks burst on their own after a time.

50 Gallon Starfire Aquariums with Center Overflow

Just in case you didn’t get the info from the name, it has a 50-gallon capacity, it measures 24 x 24 by 20 inches, and the glass is 10 mm thick.

It’s pre-drilled with the drain and the return holes inside the overflow box. It even comes with Loc-Line plumbing fixtures.

So all in all you get a 1-inch drain bulkhead, a ½-inch return bulkhead, a return T pipe, and a Durso stand pipe.


  • It looks wonderful, and truly encapsulates the rimless look.
  • The glass is very solid, so you won’t worry about any bursting over time.
  • ​It even comes with the Loc-Line fixtures.
  • ​The customer support is exemplary.
  • You won’t complain about having too little space for your reef or fish.


  • You’ll need to do some alterations, as the bulkheads, drain, and t-fitting are somewhat off. That’s why you need customer support for help with this.
  • The price may not be too affordable for some.

My Pick

Among all these top rated options, I’m going to recommend the Landen. Sure it doesn’t have all the accessories, but we’ve already said that this is not for newbies.

Besides, the accessories found on the other models may not work, and you may have to replace them anyway. With the Landen, you’ve got the right size and price, and the strength and clarity of the glass are both excellent.

​If you have not made up your mind yet, here are some reef tanks worth your attention.

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