Fish Tank Reviews

Fish tank reviews

No matter what kind of aquaria project you have in mind, you are always going to need a tank.

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Aquarium Equipment Reviews

Equipment reviews

Small changes can have a serious impact on your aquarium setup.

Find out what to choose.​

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Aquarium Guides and Tutorials


Get inspired with new ideas, learn from useful tutorials about fishkeeping & aquascaping 

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 Novice Aquarist FAQ

What is the best aquarium size for a beginner?

How many fish should I begin with?

What are the best fish for beginners?

How often should I feed my fish?

What is the best location for a fish aquarium in your house?

How often should I change the water?

I already have a tank. What kind of equipment should I use?

Fish keeping is a fulfilling and exciting hobby.

Some people like myself consider it a passion.

I hope that through my website I can help make your own experience as rewarding as mine.