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tropical fish in a reef tank

6 Top Rated Reef Tanks for your next Tropical Enviroment

Reef tanks can be fascinating to watch. Limiting yourself to just a single glance at a proper reef tank setup is like eating just a single piece of potato chip—it’s impossible.

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a nice glass fish tank

Five Excellent Glass Tanks You Can Have Today

Glass is still a very popular option these days. Why is a glass fish tank still preferred by many?

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simply one of the best bow front aquarium

My Personal Bow Front Aquariums Top 5

You may think that the flat side is always better than a bow-shaped panel since TVs today have gone the flat route.

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Several Angelfish in an acrylic aquarium

Zero Trouble with Acrylic Tanks: 6 Elegant Aquariums Perfect for Home

Acrylic tanks can be very expensive. Are they really worth the price?

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A betta fish into a low maintenance aquarium

8 Ingenious Low Maintenance Aquariums Perfect for Home & Office

Minimize the cleaning with these low maintenance tanks.

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a huge wall fish tank

Six Top Rated Wall Mounted Fish Tanks to Buy in 2019

That’s not a joke at all, you can actually get a wall mounted fish tank, especially if you’re online.

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Best Rimless Aquarium Reviews

Six Stunning Rimless Fish Tanks to Choose in 2019

For many aquarists, the decorative aspect of an aquarium is one of the main reasons why they buy one in the first place.

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Cylinder Aquarium: 6 Top Rated Units Compared

For some people, gazing at a two-dimensional screen is good enough.

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