4 Top Rated 100 gal Fish Tanks

There’s something special about having a big aquarium.

Maybe you’re advancing in the hobby and are ready for a new challenge. It could be this will be your first aquarium, and you are ready to Go Big right from the start!

top rated 100 gal aquarium reviews
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Keep in mind that a 100-gallon aquarium will be much heavier than a 10 to 55-gallon tank. The glass is thicker because it has to be very strong to hold all that water.

Every gallon of water weighs about 9 pounds. Your new aquarium, once filled with water, gravel, or rock will weigh over 150 pounds!

The floor must be able to handle the weight. Be sure to use a matched aquarium stand designed to support the aquarium.

Reasons for choosing a 100-gallon aquarium

Some aquarists enjoy creating a sweeping aquascape with rocks, driftwood, and live plants. Others love big fish like Oscars, cichlids, and other specialty fish that need the swimming room.

100 gallon aquarium with cichlids

Maybe you just want to keep schools of colorful fish like discus, angels, or cardinal tetras. If you’re a reef aquarist, you want the room to load the tank with corals and live rock.

No matter the reason, a 100-gallon aquarium is really the perfect size tank for your project.

Preparing for your new aquarium

Compare the size of the aquarium to your room. Measure width, depth, and height. Make sure it fits in your home or office.

Since the tank is larger and taller than a small aquarium, you may need a small step stool so you can reach inside the tank for aquascaping and maintenance.

Make sure the tank will fit in your room’s design.

What to look for in a 100-gallon aquarium

Most large aquarium systems are designed to work for reef aquariums but can also house freshwater fish. Many of the technological advances work on any type of aquarium.

If you’re planning to keep a freshwater aquarium, avoid an aquarium that comes with a protein skimmer or reef lighting.

Top Rated 100 gal Fish Tanks

1. Red Sea Reefer XL 112-gallon aquarium

Red Sea Reefer 112 gal

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The RedSea Reef XL aquarium is designed to be ready to customize reef aquarium.

The aquarium includes a contemporary, rimless, ultra-clear glass aquarium with a stylish cabinet. The cabinet is available in a glossy white or black finish.

The tank is constructed of thick, ultra-clear, beveled-edge glass in a modern rimless design.

Red Sea Reefer XL 112-gallon aquarium

The aquarium sits on a recessed base that “floats” it above the cabinet, which seamlessly follows the glass’s contour.

It has a built-in overflow box that skims the surface. It’s already plumbed with RedSea’s unique silent downflow system.

The extra-large filter sump has plenty of room for a protein skimmer and return pump.

The Reefer XL features a rotatable return nozzle making it easy to direct the water flow where you want it. There’s even an emergency overflow pipe that protects your aquarium and home if the primary pipe gets clogged.

The peninsula 105-gallon aquarium has the same features but is designed to be viewed from three sides.

The filter intake and return are positioned on the end of the tank, so the rest of the aquarium is free of obstructions.

The large sump includes micron filter socks for removing fine particles. There’s room for a refugium if you want to add rock rubble and algae to the sump.

The automatic top-off chamber makes it easy to keep your tank filled with the right amount of water, even when you’re away from home.

All you need to do is add lighting for a fresh or saltwater aquarium.

2. Waterbox Reef 100.3 100-gallon Aquarium

Reef 100.3 Waterbox Aquariums - 100 gallons

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The Waterbox Reef 100.3 aquarium is a 100-gallon tank designed to be reef-ready.  It is hand-crafted from the ultra-clear low-iron glass with beveled glass for smooth, clear edges and rimless top.

The aquarium stand uses high-quality materials and a UV-cured water-resistant finish.

The Reef 100.3 aquarium is intended for traditional front-viewing. The skimmer-overflow box is mounted on the rear of the aquarium.

The overflow uses a whisper-quiet design that eliminates the sound of trickling water. The overflow is made of smooth glass instead of plastic. This makes it easy to keep clean and free of algae.

The aquarium comes pre-plumbed with dual adjustable overflow returns. There’s no cutting or gluing required.

A large filter sump is included. All you need is a return pump.

A protein skimmer is recommended if you’re setting up a reef tank.

The automatic top-off (ATO) system keeps your tank filled automatically. Filter socks remove fine particles for crystal clear water.

This version is perfect for a freshwater tank. Just add the LED light system of your choice.

But keep in mind a reef-ready version is available. Complete with AI HYDRA-32 LED lighting system, perfect for keeping SPS and LPS corals.

3. Red Sea Max S-Series 400 LED Complete Reef System

Red Sea Max S-Series 400 LED Complete Reef System 110 Gallons

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This 100-gallon aquarium system is a reef keeper’s dream. It includes just about everything you need to keep corals and other marine life happy and thriving.

All the guesswork of assembling a reef system has been solved with the Max S-series aquarium system.

The aquarium comes with Wi-Fi controlled Hydra 26 HD LED lighting designed for SPS and LPS corals.

The tank is constructed of 12 – 15mm ultra clear (low iron) glass supported by saltwater resistant plastics and a marine spec anodized aluminum frame.

Red Sea Max S-Series LED Complete Reef System

You won’t have to drill or cut any holes for plumbing or electrical connections. There’s even a one-plug power center that powers all your equipment and keeps the cabinet safe and neat.

The entire back of the aquarium is an overflow system. It’s already plumbed to the large filter sump.

The filtration system comes with a protein skimmer and automatic top-off (ATO).

Micron filter socks remove fine particles for clear water. The sump has plenty of room for other gear like reactors and contact chambers.

You can choose between a black or white polyurethane coated stand made from MDF and marine-grade hardware.

4. IM Nuvo International 100-gallon aquarium

NUVO-INT 100 Internal Overflow Aquarium - 100 Gallon - Innovative Marine

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The Nuvo internal overflow aquarium combines beauty and function in a one-of-a-kind luxury aquarium. The all-glass aquarium is made with 12-mm low-iron glass and black silicon. The flat polished and diamond-ground glass edges give the aquarium a jewel-like finish.

The Trapezoid Infinity Overflow covers the rear wall of the aquarium. It is pre-plumbed and comes will all the pipes and hardware for easy set-up.

The three-drain system provides quiet operation with peace of mind the aquarium can never overflow.

Just add the return pump and lighting system that suits your type of aquatic life.

Add a protein skimmer if you plan to keep corals.

A second version is available with the overflow box mounted on the outside of the aquarium. Since the aquarium does not come with a stand, this gives the option of using a traditional aquarium stand or even running the plumbing to your basement for a remote filtration system.

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