Reliable Automatic Fish Feeders For Your Pond and Aquarium

Some people don’t like to keep a dog or cat as pets. Some people prefer having a few fish swimming languidly in your aquarium. The problem with having fish as pets is that they’re not exactly adamant in catching your attention when they’re hungry.

And so it’s very easy to forget to feed them, especially when you have to do it several times a day.

And that’s why you need an automatic aquarium feeder.

My recommended choice is the EHEIM, continue reading for more options!

Who Is It For?



Automatic Fish Feeder Reviews List

These days, you need to read a lot of automatic fish feeder reviews to get an accurate idea of which is the best auto fish feeder for you. Here are some of your options, and an overview of what they’re all about:


1. EHEIM Everyday Fish Feeder

It comes with a drum volume of 3.3 fl. ounces or 100 ml. It can be programmed through the LCD screen to feed your fish up to 8 times a day.

It can also be used to dispense most types of food, and you can even use it to feed pet frogs, newts, and turtles.

Setting it up is easy with the guide and the universal installation clamp.

With its adjustable slider, you can set the size of the portion. There’s also a manual release button so you can feed your fish outside the preprogrammed times. The drum is also designed not to stop even if the feed slot is in a downward position. And that's transparent as well, so you know just how much food is left inside. With the integrated fan and ventilation system, the food inside is kept dry.

It’s very reliable, and the buttons are splash-proof. It can last up to 6 weeks of feedings, and it helps that you get the power of 2 AA batteries instead of just one. There’s also a 2-stage battery level indicator so you’ll have ample warning when to replace your batteries.

There’s nothing really wrong with the EHEIM fish feed, as even its price is just right. It will last for more than a year of continuous usage, and you can really rely on it. It’s easy to setup and use. It also comes with a 3-year guarantee from the manufacturer.

For some, however, a few issues may arise regarding the breakdown of some part or other. But in general the build quality is very good, which accounts for its reputation on Amazon and why it has generated a lot of appreciative reviews.

Perhaps the only thing wrong with it is that it doesn’t have an “off” button, but personally I can’t really see a good enough reason why you’d want to turn it off so the timer doesn’t run. But when you do remove the batteries to turn it off, you will have to reprogram it again.


  • Reliable
  • Easy to set up and use
  • Reasonable price despite the quality
  • Lots of convenient features


  • No off button

2. IntelliFeed Fish Feeder

If you have lots of fish to feed, then this is a great option. It’s preprogrammed to feed fish twice a day, and you can dispense as many as 12 feedings each day. It works great in keeping the moisture out so the food indie remains dry and easy to dispense. It’s also easy to put in.

The power is quite reliable, as many people have marveled at its ability to keep your fish alive even after you go on vacation for 3 weeks or more.

The batteries are quite reliable, and as a special treat there’s even a power adaptor so you’re not entirely dependent on batteries. Once you set it up, it’s quite easy to use.

It does have a lot of moving parts, so there’s a greater chance that some part will break down. But some have reported that it has worked for them for more than a year with no trouble. And it’s not quite easy to access the batteries when you’ve already set it up. These are all minor complaints, and it’s so good that even those whose units broke down in just 3 months plan to buy it again.

The only other problem is that all these great features don’t come cheap. 


  • Reliable
  • Can feed lots of fish
  • Effective against moisture


  • Very expensive
  • Not easy to access the batteries

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3. Hydor Automatic Fish Feeder

This is one of the most reliable units you can find if you want to feed your fish automatically. The build is exceptional, so you won’t have to worry about any breakdowns. Not even moisture is a problem and the food is kept dry.

You can feed 1 to 3 times a day, depending on the option you use. The amount of food you disperse is also adjustable.

And it uses power efficiently, so that even with 3 feedings a day you won’t have to change the batteries for 9 or even 10 months. There’s a low battery indicator so you’ll know when to change your batteries.

The only main problem with the build is that it’s not all that easy to set up, as you only have limited options when you mount it. And one problem with the design is that the food container is somewhat small.

And the programming is truly inflexible. First of all it’s too complicated. Then you can only choose the designated feeding schedules, such as twice a day every 12 hours, or 3 times a day every 8 hours.

And there’s no way to set the feeding time for later. If you want to set the feeding at 8AM, then you need to wait until that time to set it up.


  • Extremely reliable
  • Can work for a very long time with the batteries


  • Not easy to set up
  • Louse programming options

4. Meco Aquarium Automatic Fish Food Tank Feeder

A lot of people complain about this feeder, but the truth of the matter here is that you need to read the manual if you want it to work properly.

If you do, then it delivers what it promises, and it will feed your fish up to 4 times a day, with adjustable food amounts.

The unit is a bit bulky, but the setup is no trouble. It uses 2 AA batteries, but it won’t really work well with the rechargeable ones. However, the size of the food compartment is only good for about 2 or 3 weeks’ worth of feedings. You don’t want to go on vacation for a full month with just this.

This is the cheapest of the lot, and for its price it’s really good.


  • Quite affordable


  • Not intuitive
  • Small food container

5. Rusee Daily Automatic Fish Feeder

The Rusee automatic fish feeder is a battery-operated fish feeder that mounts on the rim of the aquarium.

The battery-powered motor is controlled by the timer feature.

The fish food is contained in a rotating plastic bin. A sliding window regulates how much food falls out of the bin when the timer tells the motor to rotate.

Each time the motor cycles the bin is dumped one time. Fish food falls into the aquarium water as the bin briefly turns upside down.

The timer can be programmed to feed the fish up to six times during a 24-hour period. Set-up is easy, like setting a clock. Plastic pins are placed on the clock face, indicating when to feed. The timer can be bypassed for manual feeding.

The Rusee automatic feeder can dispense a variety of feeds including flakes, granules, crumbles and pellets up to about 5/16”.

Because it is battery-powered, the Rusee automatic feeder can be used outdoors without fear of electrical shock. Pond fish can be fed while you are away, but you’ll have to construct a small bracket to hold the feeder near the edge of the pond.


  • Inexpensive.
  • Battery-powered in case of power outage.
  • Dispenses a variety of foods.
  • Feeds multiple times a day.


  • Exact food dosing is not possible.
  • Can’t feed different foods on different days like more advanced feeders.
  • Timer slows down as battery runs down.

My Pick

Just get the EHEIM. The price is right and yet the quality, reliability, and the ease of use are all superb.

This is the unit to get if you don’t want to worry about whether your fish gets enough food. The guarantee is excellent too, so for the next 3 years you won’t have to feed the fish yourself.