Top 3 Most Effective Fish Water Clarifier Reviewed

One of the main reasons people want to have a fish tank is that they look really good wherever you put them. It’s like a moving painting, and it’s no wonder that in the old days the aquarium screensaver was so popular. They were just relaxing to look at, and sometimes they can be so fascinating.

But the effect isn’t all that great when you’ve got a cloudy fish tank.

top 3 best water clarifier

There are many possible reasons for getting cloudy water in your fish tank, and for some situations, it may be best to use an aquarium clarifier so you end up with a clear water aquarium.

Why Is My Fish Tank Water Cloudy?

What is a Water Clarifier?

How to Keep Fish Tank Water Clear?

Aquarium Water Clarifier Reviews

Still, it’s always possible you’ll get some cloudy water every now and then.

Here are some water clarifier brands you can choose from:

API Accu-Clear Water Clarifier

This one works effectively, but you must take care not to go over the recommended dosage. And it also works only with filtered tanks, since it causes the clumps of particles to get caught in the filter. And it’s also only for fresh water tanks.

A 1.25-ounce container can treat up to 370 gallons. When you put it in, it actually becomes even cloudier at first.

But it eventually clears up the water in the end. It will take about 24 to 36 hours, but it’ll get there.


  • The price is reasonable.
  • It really does work for most causes of cloudy water.
  • It’s one of the highest rated water clarifiers on Amazon, and it’s generated more reviews too.


  • It’s very tempting to add more, but this will just kill your fish instead if you add too much.
  • It won’t work with unfiltered or salt water tanks.

Aqueon Water Clarifier

This US-made water clarifier is meant for fresh water tanks, but it may also be used for salt water tanks in case of emergency.

It clumps up the water particles that cloud the water so they’re easier to filter out or they settle to the bottom of the tank.


  • It’s safe for all fish and plants, so there are no worries about using too much and killing your fish as punishment for your mistake.
  • It works quite quickly, as it can clear up a 37-gallon tank in just 6 hours.
  • Many of its users have been using this for years. It’s quite reliable.


  • There’s some confusion as to whether you can really use this for saltwater tanks. It may be a good idea to use a different water clarifier that’s designed mainly for saltwater tanks instead, if you have one of those.

Algone Aquarium Water Clarifier and Nitrate Remover

This is about 3 times as expensive as the Aqueon. That’s because it promises a lot.

It can assimilate both organic and inorganic pollutants. It can stimulate microbial activity.

It can correct any nutrient imbalance and it’s safe for all types of plants, fish, and other aquarium denizens.

It even boosts the level of the dissolved oxygen content.

With this, you get 6 pouches (1.6 ounces total), and that’s enough to treat as much as 330 gallons. You just put the pouch in the filter tank.


  • It works for a lot of causes of cloudy water, such as bacteria algae or too much food.
  • In some cases you’ll find that the water becomes much clearer that it’s ever been before.
  • It can work in just 2 days, although in other cases it can take a week or even 10 days.


  • It’s a bit expensive, at this price range you’re still just spending enough for 6 pouches. Put it one in the filter every two weeks, and that should last for almost 3 months.

My Pick

Personally, I feel safe using any of these products.

But I’ll recommend that you try out the Aqueon first, as it is more affordable and it seems to work for a lot more people.

You can then try the Algone if it doesn’t work. I’m a bit wary of the API Accu-Clear, since I don’t want my fish to die just because I use too much clarifier.

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