We are proud to announce that African-cichlid.com has been acquired by Fish Tank Advisor!

African-cichlid.com was started in 2003 by K. Bauman, fish keeper with a fondness for African Cichlids and other cichlid species. He has been publishing care tutorials and some technical articles. Often referenced by many other websites, the site was known for its unique combination of rare, stunning images and detailed guides.

With a strong dedication to accurate information, combined with a loyal user base, it was an obvious decision to acquire african-cichlid.com and make the most of it by connecting it to Fish Tank Advisor.

Combining forces will provide hobbyists with the best cichlid aquarium information available.

Our team of writers will remain in place, ensuring that quality content continues to be posted on our site. And of course, stay tuned for more updates from us!

Here is an updated list of cichlid pages you might find useful: