10 Most Attractive Tank Mates for your Guppies

Guppies hold a special place in my mentions, yes for someone who works in a fish house you would think I’d love something a little more elaborate or extravagant, but that’s not the case with Guppies.

They often become overlooked by most advanced hobbyists and seen as merely just a beginners fish, but just have a look online at show standard Guppies, they are just beautiful, most fish that have these striking colours are usually very aggressive, but not the Guppy.

If you have happened to come across a store that has good standard Guppies you may have just stopped to look at all the colours and considered them as a fish for yourself, they are an incredibly peaceful fish capable of going into almost any peaceful aquarium.

Due to the nature of the Guppy and their reproduction (being a live bearer) hobbyists often find themselves getting breeding communities, mostly just for personal pleasure than financial gain, and do for this reason I'll have to split this into 2 sections one for the fish keeper just wanting to look at the fish and keep them in an aquarium and also a small section for those wanting to breed and what are good options to go with them.

For the hobbyist

When keeping Guppies it is important to remember they are prolific breeders and so keeping a selection of males and females isn’t the best idea, just have either males or females.

Rather than using different section as I usually do I'm going to just create the list and keep it concise and easy to read.

Cardinal Tetras

Paracheirodon axelrodi

Upto 2 inches

This is another of my favourite fish again often overlooked by most as being a ‘lesser’ fish. In my aquarium they are kept in rather dark and so the colours of this really do stand out, the deep blue line followed by that bright red line make them stunning when in a larger group. Yes, they’re almost twice the price of the Neon Tetra and look similar when in the store, but they work it, they grow bigger and get brighter. Well worth the money.

Female Betta

Betta splendens

Upto 3 inches

Take special note of the word FEMALE in this section, they are much less aggressive than males and can be kept in most peaceful community aquariums. Although in most stores the female betta tank isn’t usually the holder of the most beautiful specimens, you can get very beautifully coloured girls, in my store I currently have a selection of blues, red and silvers, but this changes every time I order more, so just keep checking in at your local or ask them to add a note to the order for specific colours for you.

White Cloud Mountain Minnow

Tanichthys albonubes

Upto 2 inches

Quite possibly the most peaceful fish I've ever come across. The WCMM also has other varieties of colour like a golden variety, a large school of mixed colours does look stunning, but again another great little fish.

Rummy Nose Tetra

Hemmigramus blehri

Upto 2 inches

These little fish are popular with those with a planted tank. They are a cute little community fish and are very peaceful and extremely well behaved. Their little red nose stands out clearly in any aquarium. Best kept in groups of around 5 or more.

Harlequin Rasbora

Trigonostigma hetemorpha

Upto 2 inches

Another of my favourite fish. In every community tank, I set up I always include these. Both a perfect beginner fish and also a perfect community fish. I particularly love the Purple Harlequin Rasbora, however, they're not always readily available in pet stores.



Upto 2 inches

In any community aquarium housing smaller fish Oto’s should always be looked at, they are excellent little algae eating fish that aren't going to make a mess of delicately placed ornaments or plants. Favoured among aquascape artists these should be kept in small groups.

Kuhli Loach

Pangio kuhlii

Upto 4.5 inches

Kuhli Loach will compliment your Guppies extremely well, they have a banded coloration of a pale orange and dark brown with an eel-like appearance when viewed at a glance. They are usually more active at around dusk and love to playfully dart around the tank, in terms of cleaning they are small enough and slender enough to get into the hardest to reach places.

Breeding Guppies

Things have to be done a little different when breeding your Guppies, instead of fish as Tankmates its best to choose invertebrates and molluscs to be rid of any chance of losing fry.

The choices here also reduce intervention by the hobbyist, for example, if dry were to die and not be seen as they are small, they will begin to decay and ruin a well looked after water quality, the choices here will feed on dead fry and reduce this.

Amano Shrimp

Caridena multidentata

Upto 2.5 inches

Amano shrimp are an interesting little addition, they are great algae eaters and will also eat bits of uneaten food and dead fish. In a breeding environment, these are ideal helpers aiding with the maintenance of the aquarium.

Pond Snail

Lynmaeidea sp.

Upto 3 inches

Although often considered a pest that invades an aquarium when acquiring live plants, pond snails do have their purpose. Like most snails the pond snail eats pretty much whatever it can find, food, waste, algae, and dead fish.

They are a very hardy snail usually kept in cold water aquariums and ponds but often find their way into temperate tanks and thrive. They reproduce rapidly but there are many ways to control the population.

Red Tropical Crab

Perisesarma bidens

Upto 4 inches

This was a hard choice, number 10, but after much deliberation, I've included these. Yes, they do better in water with a touch of salt, but I'd say to put a touch of salt in any aquarium anyway. They are great escape artists and you will need to make sure you have a well-fitted lid.

In the wild they are scavengers and so will also scavenge in your tank.mtheyre generally quite slow with their claws, not able to latch onto healthy fish, ridding your batch of undesirable weak fish. Again this was a tough choice but they are actually excellent cleaners, tried and tested.

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Robin says

I have hornwort in my 55 gal tank . my fish love it fry love it. I just was wondering if you could give me few ideas of controlling it to one area of my tank. I don’t want to float it. I would be so greatful. Thanks robin

    Bob Flickerton says

    Hey Robin, try with a single stem inside a ceramic ring (the ones for filter media). Good luck, Bob.

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