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Metynnis hypsauchen

Silver Dollar: Complete Care Guide

As the name would suggest, this fish resembles a coin.

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Angelfish Tank Mates

13 Colorful Angelfish Compatible Tank Mates

Can I put them in the same tank?

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top 14 best easy for beginners aquarium plants

14 Low-Light Freshwater Plants Perfect for the Novice Aquarist

The ideal of a planted tank is something that most aquarists aspire to and attempt every once in a while, but the truth is…

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My First High-tech Planted Tank: A recipe you could follow

A “high tech” planted tank is one that has strong lighting.

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freshwater algae eaters

12 Best Tropical Algae Eaters That Will Truly Clean Your Tank

Featuring a wide number of options to consider.

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Four Best Substrate Types For The Planted Aquarium

Take your time, try new things and don’t be afraid of being innovative!

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